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Visiting Schools

Writer: Alainna L., Meredith C. 

We are honored that TASMUN invited 22 different international schools to this year’s conference, and many of them found this experience different from what they’ve been through in their own country. This includes food, weather, economy, and mostly the people! Many had different experiences due to traveling and staying at different places. They have all come from different countries and some from different places in Taiwan, just for this year’s 2023 TASMUN conference.


Many students said there were many differences and similarities between students from Taiwan and foreign countries. “There's a difference between Korea and Taiwan, like food or the culture around here,” said James from the school St. Johnsbury. “Singapore and Taiwan are very different, from how the cities look to the people and how they act. The weather in Taiwan is very wet, and I like it!” said another student named Deb. “Taipei and Jakarta are quite similar, but from my experience, the people are really nice.” Another delegate said, from British School Jakarta. A delegate also said, “It's a really nice place. And I mean, compared to Vietnam, there are many regulations regarding cleanliness and the public.” A delegate from Saigon South International School located in Vietnam said. 


Since TASMUN is finally a huge event again, many students were excited. “I look forward to working with new people and making new friends and just being able to work together in order to submit a resolution.” says a student from the British School of Jakarta. This means they came here for new opportunities to meet new people and learn like other mindsets. Two students from schools overseas said that they look forward to the conference because they said, “Since this is like an advanced committee and none of us have done this before, I'm really excited to learn about this new committee. We're also looking forward to the upcoming activities at the carnival and lantern festival.” This shows they are willing to try new things and want to learn more about different activities happening in TASMUN. 


To conclude, many different people, teachers, and students have different opinions and experiences with coming to a whole new school, traveling, and the conference. Hopefully, for the rest of this conference, everyone can interact and learn from each other by sharing experiences and being on the same committees.     

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