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Interview with the Head Coach Of Middle School, Mrs. Rowe

Writer: Alyssa H., Reilly W.

Mrs. Kristin Rowe is the head coach of the Middle School TASMUN team for grade 7 and 8 delegates. She has been participating “since the beginning of TASMUN.”

Mrs. Rowe advises struggling delegates to “check with [your] colleagues, friends, and allies. I would also seek support from the people around me.” Mrs. Rowe explains that the delegates around you are your allies and will support you. 

As the teacher of International Relations, Mrs. Rowe hopes to “encourage [the delegates’] interest, help them find a passion for international relations and also solving global issues.” 

Mrs. Rowe has been very excited about this year’s conference. “[the conference] reminds me of our conferences before the pandemic, which included international schools. It's lovely to have this mix of local and international schools so that students at Taipei American school can connect with overseas people without needing to leave their own school.” 

Mrs. Rowe is passionate about her job and hopes that the TASMUN delegates will work together to reach the goal of making the world a better place.

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