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SDG - Zero Hunger

Koki Y. and Abby L.

The SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) are a list of 17 goals that the UN established in 2015 and aim to achieve in 2030. Second on this list is the goal of Zero Hunger, people are suffering from starvation all over the world and this situation has gone out of hand. 1 out of 3 people don't have enough food to eat. Each day 25,000 people die from starvation. We need to take action fast.


    Individuals can help in many different ways such as donating receipts to the charity box or even just by eating everything on your plate. Small actions like this can change the world step by step if we work together. We can really make an impact. approximately 1.6 billion tons of food are wasted everyday.More people are impacted recently since Russia and Ukraine produce most of the grains in their countries. This may increase the number of hungry people until the war ends. Some of the hunger comes from climate change with droughts making it hard for farms to produce staple crops like rice and potatoes. Since these are some of the main sources of food the number of malnutritioned people will rise.  


In TASMUN XIV, we have a food drive so delegates coming to the conference can all contribute by bringing food that will be later donated. The food will be collected in boxes in each committee, and the TAS club Feeding Taiwan will send all the food boxes that are collected to the unprivileged that need our assistance. 


        We hope that with everyone’s help, TASMUN can take a step in making sure everyone gets sufficient food without worrying about food insecurity. If we come together to truly make an effort, we can make this world hunger-free. 

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