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Writer: Evelyn P. 

Today is the first day of the TASMUN conference, held at the Taipei American School. In the HSC committee, delegations from 16 countries are participating, including Argentina, Australia, Belgium, France, Gabon, Ghana, Greece, Italy, Poland, the ROC (Republic of China), South Africa, the Soviet Union, Switzerland, Turkey,the  UK and the USA (US).

The HSC is split into two halves. One half is discussing the crisis in Cyprus, and one is talking about Congo. The delegates are currently lobbying, getting signatures on their clauses from countries with similar interests. Clauses with many signatures will eventually become resolutions.

The debate on the Cyprus crisis has started, and eager delegates have started stating their clauses. Delegates from countries like France and Turkey are stating their clauses fiercely. The resolution ended up with these amendments being passed: Deploying UN peacekeepers, establishing emergency shelters, creating guides and signs to direct civilians to emergency shelters, creating collaboration zones for friendly and peaceful negotiation between Greece and Turkey, Urging Greece and Turkey to communicate peacefully, addressing issues between Greeks and Turks, and providing humanitarian aid. However, the P5 (Soviet Union, UK, USA, ROC, France) decided to veto the clause of UN peacekeeping within Cyprus. The debate was originally intended to last from 1:10~4:10, but due to technical difficulties, lasted until 4:45. 

On the second day, the delegates were debating the Congo crisis. During the Congo debate so far, these acts have been passed: Removing Belgian troops from Congo, engaging in diplomatic relations, and building schools to educate the people of Congo, which was close to being vetoed, but wasn’t.

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