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ECOSOC II Committee

Writer: Kyle C. 

During the first day of the TASMUN conference, everybody was nervous and shy. However, people started to loosen up once the opening speech started. Although there were some shy students, overall, all speeches were great and informative. 


After opening speeches, the focus turned to lobby and caucus. The chairs split all delegates into groups to try and figure out the solution to the problem of automation replacing jobs.


During lunch, delegates enjoyed their pizza and cantaloupe while socializing with students from other schools. After lunch, the delegates continue writing their resolutions. 


Not long after, the debate started. Pages came and started collecting notes and passing them to other delegates to spread their ideas. Overall, the chairs did a great job and made sure that everyone was focusing and participating in the discussions. 


On the second day of TASMUN, the delegates are much more confident and refreshed. Countries started collaborating and partnering for better solutions to the issues. For instance, Portugal and Spain partnered and discussed amendments with each other. One of the amendments that was mentioned in the conference was the possibility of making foods that are close to expiration cheaper. 


However, during the conference, there will still some delegates did not speak. The chairs worked hard to encourage delegates to voice their thoughts and opinions. Ultimately, it was a fruitful conference with students improving their speaking skills, collaboration skills and problem solving skills. The chairs were also an important part in TASMUN, regulating and encouraging delegates to be confident.

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