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Writer: Katherine C.

ECOSOC started by delivering opening speeches about either “preparing the global labor force for the rise of AI” or “establishing policies and procedures for adequate and sustainable food chains”. Then they split into three groups and started lobbying. Lobbying is when they combine solutions to form a resolution. Then they started talking about the SDGs (sustainable development goals). After that, they went back to lobbying. Then we had lunch. After lunch, they were trying to contribute to the funding/raffle for Salt Collectiv while waiting for the approval panel to approve resolutions. Then the delegates started to debate the resolutions.


They debated about the amendment, creating policies aimed at promoting the agricultural industry and sustainable practices. This amendment passed. They debated about “Hosting government-funded campaigns with volunteer educated professionals for LEDCs which may not be able to provide schooling to speak and educate the public on the importance of food chain”, but this time the amendment did not pass. They also debated about “putting a carbon cap on agricultural companies with a taxation mechanism that works as a tax bracket for companies over the carbon emission cap, also with a mechanism that allows companies to purchase carbon emission caps from other companies”, which did pass. 

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