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APQ 1 (Advisory Panel) Questions on Ethics of the Modern world’s Conference

Writer: Chopard L.

The Advisory Panel Questions on Ethics of the modern world’s conference (APQ 1) had lively debates on both days. For instance, Finland asked lots of questions and challenged all the speakers who went on which was helpful, and she made it very interesting by making the different speakers go up the struggle which would make other people’s speeches weaker and benefit her own team.


The delegate of Germany said that there would be economic damage if we let criminals use AI, which must be fixed by using money. However, the money has to come from the criminal who destroyed them. The delegate of North Korea went up and said that when a criminal uses an AI improperly, the criminal should be punished with community service or jail time.


The delegates were super focused on their work, and they were always talking about their topic. They were all very respectful, such as when they said thank you and properly addressed each other’s country names. There were also lots of people going in and out of the room but no one looked since they were so focused on the speech other delegates were giving. The audience would often ask about POIs, which gives them more information to run against or for the resolution.


The chairs were very confident about what to say, and they reminded the delegate what they were supposed to be doing and what not to do. For instance, they explained what seconds are and not to vote against the amendment if you didn't get any against speech since it would be for no reason. As I said earlier, they would write reminders on the board, and it was super helpful for me and the other delegates to know what to write in proper words such as Delegates are called “experts” and resorts are called “communique”


I think that overall the delegates and the chairs were super helpful and friendly to each other, reminding each other what to do or what not to do, and keeping the conference interesting to watch and listen to.

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