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Interview with Olek Shyn - by Kieran W. & Jinhoo A.

We had a precious time interviewing our keynote speaker Olek Shyn. He talked about what the war meant to him, what we could do to change this war, and how this war affected the world. He also told us that our actions could change the world for future generations, inspiring us to speak up against injustice. This is definitely a memorable moment for both of us. 


Olek Shyn started by explaining what it was like to speak up for his home country in front of 600 people. He stated that he felt responsible because he knew he was the primary source of the situation in Ukraine. He said that although he had a lot of pressure and stress, he felt relieved at the same time that the younger generation was willing to listen to him. He also complimented us for being willing to talk about serious things happening in the world, especially at a young age. 


Representing his home country, he also mentioned how important Ukraine is to the rest of the world. We asked him, “How would Ukraine's war affect the rest of the world?” He answered, “Ukraine was the largest producer of grains, and because of the war, it would be difficult for Ukraine to export goods, possibly leading to world hunger.” This highlights that the war affects not only people in Ukraine but also the economy worldwide. 


Speaking for Ukraine, he also simulated what Ukraine would do after the war ends. He explained that “the best path for Ukraine will be democratizing even more.” He spoke up for his country by saying that Ukrainians should have the right to vote for their own president and voice their opinion. Lastly, he told us that “TASMUN can change the future” and that we should stand up for ourselves when faced with problems or obstacles.”

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