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Writer: Liam C. 

As I walked into the room of the GA4 committee, the opening speeches of different delegates representing different countries had already started. Singapore strongly expressed that Russia would not be a trade partner and some other nations also expressed that: “Russia will not create a trustworthy government in the occupied territories because they are too focused on the war.” 

For drafting the resolution, the people in the group with the occupied Ukraine territories split into two groups: One more aggressively and openly supporting Ukraine, another more neutral but also supporting Ukraine. The mood was calm and not so serious when they discussed in groups. 

After lunch, the groups continue to draft the resolutions. The group of the issues in Western Sahara was much more quiet than the other groups. The deputy chair told me that since all of the people in Ukraine support Ukraine, the debate will be more like sharing their opinions. The groups started doing the final wrap-up and fixed some details of their drafts. After that, we started to wait for the approval of the resolutions for a relatively long time. 

The debate had started, and the delegates expressed their ideas, especially the delegate from Sweden and the delegate from Kenya. The delegate of Sweden talked very fluently, and the delegate of Kenya seems to always make the delegates laugh and the chair will need to remind them a lot. The delegate of Sweden stressed that countries should try to support Ukraine with money and supplies for them to be able to find a solution to the problems of their government and their human rights issues. 

The delegates passed an amendment that suggested setting up news stations that are run by the U.N. and giving out devices for people to know news submitted by Hungary. The delegates also rejected the amendment that suggested creating job opportunities for refugees from Ukraine and creating railways for the refugees in Ukraine. On the second day, the delegates continued to discuss more amendments like order Morocco and the Polisario Front each releasing detained individuals from the other nation to create better relations.

The deputy chair told me that the most exciting part was when delegates got angry and started shouting, but that did not happen in the GA4 committee. The delegates expressed their ideas seriously and people were very focused. Overall the conference was very well organized and meaningful, and the delegates gave excellent suggestions for the issues. I hope the resolution can help the world to become better.

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