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Group of Twenty 

Writer: Kieran W.

On day 1, the G20 committee had 19 delegates starting the session on discussing new possible ways to work on sustainable energy. Alex Khomenko, the keynote speaker, also visited and answered questions about the war in Ukraine. He believes that the way to rebuild the energy line is peace. He also said that Ukraine would have a hard time recovering from the war because the war destroyed many tractors that cost a lot of money, and the Ukrainians need that equipment to farm and make money. In the end, he explained that Ukrainians are strong and should keep fighting, inspiring everyone.


After the speech, the delegates divided themselves into groups with similar viewpoints to develop carbon-neutral energy plans. Later, these groups came up with different resolutions for carbon-neutral energy because each group had different ideas and viewpoints. Group 1 came up with the idea of transitioning to carbon-neutral energy step by step while protecting its own country's interest. Group 2 came up with the thought of investing in scientific research that aims to develop technology related to carbon-neutral energy. Lastly, Group 3 came up with achieving carbon neutrality through the use of sustainable energy that supports the infrastructure of large economies.


    The debate was the best part of the meeting because it concluded what resolutions passed or not.  Russia and France are debating with each other because Russia does not want sanctions to be put on countries that do not use renewable energy because they want to focus more on their military. China objects to Russia's statement, and Russia says that China uses the most fossil fuels each year. China replies that they make the most renewable energy each year. The disagreement was so intense the chairs said that they would go back to the question later. The solution was to initiate awareness-building activities within communities by establishing councils for raising awareness.


 Aside from talking about carbon-neutral energy, they also talked about restoring the supply chain after the Russian-Ukraine war. It was interesting because France wanted the nations to adopt the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) or a similar trade strategy. However, France does not feel the need to analyze the effectiveness of BRI. All in all, the debate was really interesting over the past two days. 


Group of Twenty 

Writer: Anri Y.

Group of Twenty 

Writer: Anri Y.

In the Group of Twenty (G20) committee, there were about 15-20 people. I walked into a very quiet place and there was a keynote speaker speaking, representing their own country. Everyone had a respectful manner, quietly and respectfully listening to the speaker. A big round of applause comes after when a person finishes speaking. Then, the chair asks everyone if they have any comments or objections. The chair is the main person who moderates the conference, 


In the middle of the conference, a guest came. Everyone clapped to welcome special guest Alex, and he answered any questions that the delegates or secretaries asked. The delegates and secretaries took turns asking many interesting and exciting questions. Alex gave a very inspiring speech about not giving up in the face of a problem; he gave many important points. “Peace is the solution for the energy line,” Alex said, an example of a memorable point that he made during his speech. When he finished, everyone gave an applause of appreciation. 


Later, the delegates got into small groups to discuss and to get ready for their debate. Everyone was inclusive with others and welcoming. Groups started their discussions with questions like, “how many conferences have you been to?”. These questions helped everyone get more comfortable with one another. It was clear that their discussions gradually became louder and more people were speaking as time went on  because everyone got more comfortable sharing their ideas. Group one discussed that their focus is to investigate scientific research using technology that is relevant to the issue of carbon neutral energy. And group two’s resolution was to transition to carbon neutral energy step by step while still protecting their own country's interest. Lastly the third group’s resolution was to achieve carbon neutrality with the use of sustainable energy that supports the infrastructure of urgent economies.  


They quickly moved onto debating after  There were a lot of resolutions on a document, and the delegates stood up and introduced themselves as a delegate from their respective country. They could choose to delete or add something to the resolutions about renewable energy. The representatives from PRC, France and Russia were debating against each other. PRC and France were going against Russia because Russia wanted to use more energy in the military. Russia’s delegates argued that they didn’t want sanctions to be put on countries that don’t use renewable energy because they wanted to focus on the military. PRC objects to Russia, and Russia claims that PRC uses the most fossil fuel. However, PRC said that they make renewable energy. The solution was to initiate awareness building activities within communities through establishing councils for raising awareness.  Aside from this topic, they also talked about restoring the global energy source because of the Ukraine and Russia war. 


All in all, the conference and the debates were so exciting and lively to watch.

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