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TASMUN Fashion 

Writers: Jasmine, Anri

At the annual TASMUN conference, all students who attend have to follow dress codes according to their positions. Pages need to be wearing the “pages'' t-shirt with black dress pants and black shoes. The press team needs to wear their “press team” t-shirts with black dress pants or skirts and dress shoes. The delegates, chairs, and DSG’s have a similar but different dress code requirement compared to the press and pages. They are required to wear blazers (mainly black), white dress shirts, black trousers and skirts, and dress shoes. Colored blazers and colored dress shoes are allowed but not commonly seen. 


    After spending more than a day in the TASMUN conference, I have noticed some delegates that wear different clothes compared to others. I have seen striped blazers, colored blazers, colored dress shoes, and more.  All delegates, chairs, and DSG’s look professional and prepared for the conference. Now onto accessories, all press team members have a lanyard hat they are required to wear to show that they are part of the press and have access to most rooms. 

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