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Writers: Connor H.

What do you think of the gender gap? Do you think it’s unfair? Well here in TASMUN, the delegates are taking it seriously. There is a gender gap, and it needs to be noticed. The delegates in CSW II have a way to fix it. This committee is talking about STEM education, and how it can help gender equality.  

On the first day, they started out with the opening speeches. Then they sat in two groups. There were two topics debated, with both groups beginning with a brain dump. After they did that they started to write their speeches while looking at resolution 1. Then they started to draft the amendments for issue 1. There were quite a few strong debates that one side would not give up, then one side gave up after convincing. When they debated, they were harsh about it but through opinion, not through tone. There was a long but effective debate. 

At the start of day two, they went straight into amending with issue 2. They did the same things that they did the same day. When going through it, they had some stops but ran through it kind of quickly for the amendments. The amending was not as harsh as Saturday was. Then the debates started about the amendments. It was very heavily debated. They had strong opinions when making the amendments, but it wasn't that harsh. The debate lasted for the rest of the day with some pauses. Then they ended. It was very harsh for the debates.

What do you think about it now? Are you happy that people are noticing it and trying to help with it? Well, we hope that we can have this issue solved over time. We hope this gender gap will be solved and that the ways we found can better help the world. 

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