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Writer: Stone X. 

The war in Ukraine is concerning. Russia is still attacking with no end in sight. Many people are also oblivious to the situation in Western Sahara, where bad things such as abusing human rights happen between Western Sahara and Morocco. So today, our committee talked about both things. 

The day started with opening speeches. Every country expressed their concerns over both situations and also said which countries they support. After the opening speeches were over, the delegates started lobbying. They crafted resolutions by sharing solutions with each other, which took a while, but in the end, they finished writing the resolutions. While they were getting reviewed by the approval panel, all the delegates prepared the debate by writing speeches. The first resolution debated was the one supporting Western Sahara.

The submitters and co-submitters talked about the resolution. There are lots of clauses that the delegates all argued. Next up were some amendments. One by Ghana says that you need a permission paper to enter Western Sahara. Mozambique backed it up, saying it’s a great choice. Other countries like Costa Rica and Spain didn’t think so though, saying it was too inefficient and not specific enough. In the end, it passed with more people saying yes than no. There were lots more amendments like punishing human rights violators and many others. The day ended with mostly declined amendments,

The next day, it started with another resolution. This time, it’s submitted by the USA and other countries supporting Western Sahara. They said to improve the military in Western Sahara so they could defend themselves. Then, there were the amendments. There were yet again lots of amendments about Western Sahara, saying to give more job opportunities to fix the land, use military traded for fighting, etc. Overall, the committee was pretty organized and passed great amendments.

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