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Writer: Jake S. 

The Crisis committee led by Head Chair Claire Lee began the session on 4/13. The committees delved into issues of cybersecurity and AI weaponization. Delegates gave out silent offers worth huge amounts of their GDP for the most advanced, dangerous, and beneficial AI program. This program sold by ANTIC, an AI-developing company, was won by China, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan for 325 billion dollars! As a curveball Russian armed forces tried to breach the AI facility to steal the program. Fortunately, they were unsuccessful, and are receiving public backlash. As the money is paid to ANTIC, the economy has tanked. Inflation has risen by 38% in Pakistan, 23% in Saudi Arabia, and 19% in China. As a result, Argentina has sent a naval fleet toward Saudi Arabia for “Deep Sea training”. Meanwhile, two directives have arrived. One proposed by Sweden says they will use this AI establishment to create uses of defense, and other non-UN countries can also join, but did not pass. The second directive made by Pakistan was to incorporate aid to healthcare, improve cybersecurity, and build cybersecurity resilience. Adding AI to healthcare is a strong example to other member states. A while later, the DSG of Chair Training came into the room to play the role of a terrorist. Back to Antic, terrorists have taken over Antic HQ, and the CEO of Antic has been kidnapped. China “wanted to unite the nations”. The money paid was not returned, still, Argentina moved its fleet towards Antarctica along with other armed forces. When they got there it seemed that the stuff in ANTIC HQ had been moved, and the only thing remaining was a messenger stating that a world with AI is not good. As this event happens countries with different perspectives on this issue band together to face this issue. As the video of the terrorist is being decoded a likely suspect is suspected as the head of the terrorists. 

A Twitter terrorist named Jerry was caught by the FBI trying to cut the power in L.A using similar AI tech. USA had no comment. A few hours away, a dirty bomb has injured 7 in Japan, and Japanese intelligence has figured out that Karl, the head of ANTIC is dead. Karl's lookalikes have been spotted in Saudi Arabia suggesting that they are involved. The Ukraine delegate said “their intelligence has suggestable evidence that Russia is behind all this”.

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