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Pages & Page Coordinator - Mrs. Boyle

Every year in TASMUN, pages help in committee rooms to pass notecards and monitor delegates while allowing themselves to be involved in MUN at a young age. Page Erika Ma saw there’s a page opportunity in SeeSaw (An internet classroom website) and wanted to join and experience the role. She enjoys her role a lot because she likes to see the tension between the delegates as they pass note cards and debate.


Mrs. Boyle, the page coordinator, is in charge of recruiting, training, and organizing all of the pages in TASMUN. She loves working with students, especially pages who use the opportunity to experience MUN for the first time. Having attended a lot of TASMUN conferences, the most interesting and rewarding thing for her is to work with fifth and sixth graders because she likes to see fifth and sixth graders assisting delegates in a supporting role. Also, she enjoys seeing them trying their best as they aspire to becoming a good delegate in the future. It is especially endearing for Mrs. Boyle to see that the pages from the previous years are now confident speakers and delegates in the middle school and the upper school. Helping the pages has brought back fond memories for Mrs. Boyle as both of her sons, Seamus Boyle ‘2017 and Aidan Boyle ‘2021) started their MUN careers as pages themselves. Mrs. Boyle feels very privileged to have the opportunity to work with the pages and looks forward to continuing in this role for the years to come. 

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