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Writer: Skyler L. 

BANG, BANG, BANG. TASMUN GA1 DISEC 2 2024 has started. The room was filled with smiles, excitement, and unknowingness. The chairs smiled and introduced themselves to the delegates and everyone else in the room. Everyone seemed half asleep, yet there was still much excitement in the room.

As the opening speeches began. As each country’s delegates came up to the podium to give their opening speeches, this gave everyone an idea of what their other delegates were like. After the opening speeches were over, the lobbying began. The delegates of each country split into 4 groups with the most similar stances to create their resolutions. Groups were laser-focused, trying to finish their resolutions as fast as possible. One by one each group finished and submitted the amendments that they would debate. 

And so the first debate in the DISEC II committee began. Latvia was first on the podium to defend his amendment. The delegate was loud and had a captivating voice. Everyone agreed with his amendment, and this result was similar in the next few resolutions. But after Lunch, the debate became heated. Mozambique became loud and very controversial, as France, Pakistan, Slovakia, and Latvia always disagreed with his amendments. As the day came to an end, the next seemed closer. And that was the end of day 1.

The next day started hard and early with debate. Slovakia was the one that started off the heated debates today. France and Pakistan often disagreed with Slovakia, often passing notes and shaking their heads towards Slovakia. Laughter filled the room when Mozambique decided to strike one of Slovakia's amendments that had already passed. This became the most heated debate yet, Slovakia had a back-and-forth with Mozambique. This caused everyone in their seats to listen to how each delegate would respond to the other.

This was one of the last debates I was able to cover, but luckily this was one of the best. Hopefully, this article gave you a bit of insight into what happened in GA1 DISEC 2. It also hopefully gave you some more knowledge of how TAS MUN really works behind the scenes. Make sure you come back next year to see TASMUN.

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