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United Nation Environment Programme - by Lucas L.

Angelina Chen is currently a freshman and a chair for the UNEP committee at Taipei American School. She believes that we should stop technological advancements that are causing shifts in climate patterns. She was inspired by her friend to do MUN. Initially, she was really confused and scared of speaking during the practice conferences, but over time, she developed more  experience and gained confidence. It takes time to get used to the procedures as well. Lastly she wants her delegates to learn and eventually become more confident and ready to be in a conference. She wants to continue MUN and improve her skills as a chair but also a delegate. 


Being in the UNEP, Angelina recognizes the damage fossil fuels, oil plantations, and greenhouse gasses bring to the environment. Consumption of fossil fuels has increased fivefold from 1950 to 2010 to an astonishing 120,000 terawatt-hours. While such use contributes to rapid technological and social development, it also emits large amounts of greenhouse gas, which heat the Earth by trapping solar radiation and pollute the air. These greenhouse gasses can cause not just climate change but disease, health problems and natural disasters. Fossil fuels can also decompose and harm plants and animals, which leads to instability in the global ecosystem. Therefore, she hopes that the committee can come up with good solutions on this significant issue that is threatening the environment we should all protect. 

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