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Crisis : Taiwan China

Ruby H.

The first day of debate for the Crisis Committee Taiwan China began on April 15. The head chair instructed everyone not to bring computers or placards to the podium. Everyone appeared nervous as they listened to others' speeches and reviewed and memorized their own. All delegates are being courteous and attentively listening to others' speeches while remaining silent. Many people appear worried but are doing their best. 


The head chair Curtis Ko is currently in International Bilingual School at Tainan. Following the opening speeches, orientation information was given. Opening speeches come first, followed by open debate. Delegates are starting to come up to the podium once again to do their opening speeches, the debate is starting to become intense and also hilarious. Many questions are being posed to the delegates. After witnessing people debating about stopping trade between China and Taiwan, Bertie Chang, a student from Korrnell Academy in Hsinchu representing Bangladesh, believes that "peace comes first."


The second day proceeded with committees working hard to finalize debates, speeches, and the introduction of new crisis updates and public orders. Some delegates have entered and exited the room, since there are two crisis rooms, people occasionally switch rooms.


Overall, the Crisis Committee Taiwan China debate was lively and passionate. While tensions between China and Taiwan remain high, it is hoped that this conference provided all delegates with a better knowledge of the Taiwan-China relationship. 

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