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ECOSOC I Committee

Writer: Alainna L.

During the opening speeches, this committee was serious and on topic. They started their claims and the main point clearly. They did not interact very much during this time. But later on, they got to know each other better. They looked for countries with the same point of view and organized themselves into smaller groups. During logging time, many different representatives team up and cooperate with each other to view each other's opinions and help each other prepare for speeches. They also are kind to each other when discussing.


This committee is all about providing food and resources to people in need. They care about global food consumption and people that are in need of food. According to the ECOSOC chair report, it states that 40,000 people die from hunger every day, so they are trying to improve this and find a solution, and that’s when the representatives come in. They state their ideas of how to resolve Global food waste and people in need of food, and people dying from starvation. According to the Mexico representative, Mexico’s employment rate went down compared to this year and last year, meaning that people have fewer jobs to be able to support their families. Usually, people make money by doing what they should in their jobs. But since the employment rate is going down in Mexico, people are not having enough money to be able to sustain their families. This means they probably don’t have enough money to pay for their food.


By not wasting food, we could save the environment. If we don’t waste food, the amount of greenhouse gas will decrease because, according to the United States Department of Agriculture, “Food loss and waste also exacerbate the climate change crisis with its significant greenhouse gas.” Not to mention, Greenhouse gasses damage the ozone layer. The ozone layer is basically a thin part of Earth’s atmosphere that blocks harmful UV rays from the sun. Without the ozone layer, people would get a lethal kind of skin cancer. Less food also means less trash from consumers that buy too much food. The trash from people’s food is sometimes littered onto streets and not cleaned back up.


Many countries have stated that all the extra food that people are always wasting could be given to people in need. They can save money by not buying more food than what they need and give more to those in poverty or those with food insecurity. Another way that we could reduce food insecurity is by exporting food from different countries. Some countries have certain healthy foods that others don’t. Some countries do not have enough food to be able to sell or give to their citizens. Other countries might have more than enough food to export some to other countries.

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