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Serena Lila T. and Serena H.

During the first exciting day of TASMUN, the TAS cafeteria was bustling with people. Many delegates found the opportunity to talk with new friends they just met at the conference. Different committees had different shifts in order to prevent people waiting in line excessively for food.


The three foods served were pizza, assorted fruits, and lemonade. After interviewing a couple of people on their thoughts of our cafeteria food, we realized that there were a variety of opinions. Some stated that the pizza was really fresh while others complained that their pizza was already cold. Overall, the visiting schools voted the pizza 8/10, saying that it had a good flavor. Meanwhile our own school's students had a vote of 7/10 on average. Meanwhile on the second day, our school’s specialty chicken leg was served, as well as a popular regular, the fried rice. These dishes were voted a high 9/10 by everyone. The lunch was efficient in serving and had a well-planned layout, so we vote it a 7/10. 

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