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Writer: Theo C.

To start off the day, opening speeches took place. Then, the chairs went over procedures regarding Amendments and Rules. I believe that this was helpful to the Delegates because they looked much less confused afterward. The delegates were then split into multiple groups regarding what topic they chose to research. Next, the committee moved into lobbying and talked with each other about what aspects of the SDGs were affected by this problem, and the resolutions that they wrote, which would be a big part of the debate later. 

After that, the DSG of global goals came in and explained the Raffle. Each Ticket was 50 NTD, and all profits would be sent to an organization called Salt Collectiv, which helps people in need, orphans, and homeless people. The chairs decided that 20 tickets bought by the room would result in 1 chair dare. After 22 tickets were bought, The room seemed much more excited after people rushed to buy tickets to acquire a chair dare. A 35-minute lunchtime ended at 12:30.

After lunch, the chairs decided to extend lobbying time to 1:10. During the debate, the delegate representing Zambia made an amendment to discourage trafficking by having countries strengthen shared borders to make it harder for people to smuggle other human beings somewhere else. Amendments submitted surrounded the protection of borders, providing free healthcare and food for victims, raising awareness, education, implementation of surveillance systems, and trying to prevent human trafficking. These amendments were submitted by The Delegates Representing Zambia, Qatar, Russia, Romania, Cambodia, and Spain. The rest of the day was a blur of amendments and debates, with much too many Amendments to mention them all. This room’s overall mood felt humorous, and not extremely “serious” due to scattered laughter.

The next day, there were more, slightly more extreme amendments regarding: death sentences for major cases, jail time, CCTV cameras around cities, providing temporary shelters for victims, and countries working together to make laws. These were introduced in the morning by delegates representing Qatar, South Africa, Romania, Thailand, and the Czech Republic. 

These were the amendments I found very important to the GA3 II council, which brings this article to an end. Thank you for reading into the GA3 II room, and thanks to all of the Delegates who took part in this Debate. 

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