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Writer: Idina C. 

Starting in the morning, there were already delegates and judges milling about in the room. Starting out with opening speeches, Qatar advocated about how the UAE mistreated the people of Qatari nationality who were living in UAE, and that the Qatari government was dangerous. The two sides both advocated strongly and with that, the opening speeches quickly passed. Even though a lot of people I asked strongly supported Qatar, UAE’s defense and reasons to debate were really strong, making them more confident. But would that eventually change?

While waiting for the judges and advocates to get ready, the president of ICJ started explaining why Qatar was mad at the UAE. Qatar was mad at the UAE because, after World War I, the British came in and split the countries. With this Islam, the previously welcoming religion, became more nationalistic and violent after the Muslim Brotherhood took control of South Arabia. Hence, the UAE dislikes them while Qatar dislikes the UAE. And now the fighting lingers in the air…

After hours of hard work from the advocates and judges, finally, the time came for them to show off their hard work! The Witness Questioning started, and with both Qatar and the UAE advocating their beliefs, the judges were unsure who to support. UAE thought it was strange and started fighting back, and Qatar called for a conclusion. Qatar insisted that the UAE had hurt human rights, and the UAE insisted that their actions were okay because Qatar was dangerous. And with that, both teams switched topics and bounced off one to another. 

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