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Director Feature - Mrs. Sinclair 

Writers: Logan H., Alivia H. Lucas L.

Mrs. Sinclair is the co-director of TASMUN. She has a lot of responsibilities regarding TASMUN. As co-director, Mrs. Sinclair pays attention to little details that make our TASMUN experience memorable. She believes it is important to find the right people who devote time and dedication to MUN so fellow delegates, chairs, pages, and press can feel respected and have fun. Today's conference excites Mrs. Sinclair because we have finally had a proper face-to-face conference, something we didn’t have for the past 4 years. Due to Covid-19, our conferences have been online. Mrs. Sinclair believes that we should honor that TASMUN is face-to-face this year; it has been a different experience for many of us. 


Mrs. Sinclair was inspired to be co-director because when she was a kid, she would stand on the balcony of her apartment and watch the Conferences at a school. She thought MUN was very interesting and wanted to debate like her upperclassmen. This is why when she came to TAS, she asked Mr. Pettigrew (MS Assistant Principal) if the MS students could attend a conference. She was surprised by his response, “Why don't you have your own conference?” so Mrs. Sinclair became one of the first people who founded TASMUN. She also feels that everyone in MUN this year is working together really well and relearning MUN together. 


We were interested in Mrs. Sinclair’s experience in MUN in her childhood. She told us she wanted to do MUN as a kid but did sports instead. If she had done MUN, she would have chosen the Human Rights Council or the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund. “I always found I wasn't as interested in the political topics I was interested in like the ones where people were being harmed, or their rights were being protected,” she said. She enjoyed MUN when she was little and would watch it for 8 hours straight. 


Mrs. Sinclair’s passion for MUN really inspires us. We hope everyone in TASMUN this year can cherish this opportunity to debate, collaborate, and build valuable friendships with other delegates. 

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