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Security Council

Writer: Zoe M.

On TASMUN Day 1 and 2, everyone was focused on the  opening speeches, while also trying to finish theirs. The countries discussed the issue of Tigray region and the Myanmar Civil War. 


During the lobbying and caucus, some of the countries had heated discussions. The room became tense as people were passionately debating and asking questions about what their countries were going to do. However, there were also some countries that were calm when talking about the Tigray Region.


In the afternoon, the debate started off with France’s idea on helping civilians in Tigray. Ecuador was quick to join in with their own inputs and ideas. Furthermore, as the debate progressed, countries started making amendments. The United Arab Emirates was the first to make an Amendment. The delegates wanted the government to be aware of each other's actions. Ultimately, it was a fruitful debate with lots of new inputs and discussing among countries. 


On the second day, the debate focused on finding and making a resolution. The second day’s debate was much livelier as compared to the first day. Multiple times, the room erupted in laughter, making the room lighter, and it made the delegates easier to talk amongst themselves. Notably, one of the Deputy Chairs spoke with an accent on purpose, making the room lighter again from laughter.


 Overall, everybody was calm and serious, while also laughing and having fun. The conference went extremely well with constant fruitful debates and interactions with different students.

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