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Writer: Liv C. 

Day 1: 

When I first entered the room, I let my eyes wander around the room. White walls, wooden desks, the podium. I quickly cleared my mind; ready to be a journalist for the first time. The delegates already started their opening speeches, one by one. I was intrigued by all the topics and problems they brought up. After the opening speeches were finished, it was time for lobbying. Lobbying is when delegates come together into groups and create a resolution together for the oncoming debate. After creating a resolution together, they then split into four smaller groups, one for each topic. The topics were technology, biodiversity, business, and global cooperation. The technology group discussed the funding for the new technology they were planning and the other group was talking about stricter laws on biodiversity related to farming. I watched as the delegates prepared their final drafts, working actively and diligently. Soon, it was time to read the resolution. After that, delegates had to persuade each other to approve of the amendments they made. They continued to debate the subtopics and clauses. At 5:00 pm, it was time for me to leave, but I was excited to continue writing tomorrow. 


Day 2:

I walked quickly up the stairs, squeezed the handle of my bag, and held my breath as I walked through the door for the second time. It was no different than before. The debate had already started and the delegates were now discussing the second resolution from the group on the left from the first day. I sat on my chair and opened my laptop, ready to record what was happening. Even if it seemed like a debate, they were actually helping one another by improving each other's resolutions. I couldn't believe how many problems every delegate could notice; they could even catch the slightest little mistake. After they finished adding amendments, the delegates then began the process of convincing other delegates to make the edits or approve the amendments that delegates made to the resolution. They argued and agreed with each other on what amendments to approve. I checked the time and saw that today's job was done. I walked out of the room quietly and hoped that my article would provide valuable information for others.

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