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Interview with DSGs

Writer: Kyle C. Chopard L.

There are a total of 16 DSGs in TASMUN this year. They are the people who work to make sure the conference functions. We decided to interview three DSGs to learn more about them and what they do to help organize TASMUN. 


Ari Yong is a junior and the DSG of Promotions. He works by reaching out to different people with social media posts. For example, he posts photos and information about TASMUN to get people HYPE about it. He has the job of promoting MUN and making MUN seem fun on social media. They also organize the TASMUN website and update the TASMUN website regularly. He wanted to be a DSG because he has already been in MUN for 3 years and wanted to try something new. 


Alexa Chen is a junior and the DSG of admin. Alexa told us a lot about what will happen when you become a DSG. She wanted to be the DSG of admin because she wanted to have a better view and understanding of MUN. She also mentioned that being a DSG is both tiring and enthusiastic. She started the interview by mentioning that she helped prepare MUN by organizing the DSGs, assigning committee rooms, making the schedule of TASMUN and pages, making cards, and ordering food. 


Evana is a junior and a DSG of Global Goals and Outreach. Evana chose to be a DSG of Global Goals and Outreach because she can have a different perspective on MUN, which is similar to what Alexa said. She thinks the most important thing about TASMUN is that the participants bond and have fun. She thinks that being a DSG is both tiring and exciting because “sometimes you have to work alone, but when you work together as a group, it is more enthusiastic.” 


In conclusion, all DSGs have crucial roles in planning and organizing TASMUN this year, which is why they should be recognized for their hard work.

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