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Writer: Averay C.

MUN (Model United Nations) is a debate where delegates talk about the world’s problems, they debate for ways to solve these problems. On 4/3/2024, Saturday, TAS (Taipei American School) hosted the MUN event. People from around the world came to debate with other delegates. I opened the door that led to the UNEP II  (United Nations Environment Programme 2). There were two topics they were debating, the first topic was Meat Pollution: Mitigating the environmental impact of the meat industry, and the second topic was Energy: Generating solutions to reduce the negative impacts of renewable energy. To stop meat pollution, delegates debated many ways to reduce the damages, including the idea that humans should strengthen their healthy diet and sometimes even practice a vegan diet. This helps reduce the amount of meat being eaten. To reduce the amount of livestock dying, a delegate asked to ban pigs from coming from other places, because they will get sick when they arrive in Taiwan, and the disease might spread. To help the livestock survive, we have to have crops, so we need to farm a great amount of crops to keep the livestock breeding. To have more crops, delegates

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