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Committee on the Status of Women I

Lila T.

In the Committee on the Status of Women, delegates and chairs were working towards a common goal: a way to fix the question of legal clothing restrictions. The discussion was slow-starting yet fruitful, with delegates presenting strong opinions and ideas. The delegates paid attention to detail, making sure to choose wording and communication that is both relevant and direct. 


On the first day, chair Zoe Cheng and Secretary Lyn Yoo started the discussion by introducing the format and structure that they hoped to implement in the debate. The delegates then gave opening speeches, stating their countries position on the question, as well as what they felt they could contribute to the discussion. The delegates then split into lobbying groups and sent one representative to communicate their ideas into the Vienna Formula.The delegates communicated well and worked hard on their document, reaching their goal much earlier than the time set. Following, the delegates started their productive debate. The delegates covered topics like how cultural appropriation is connected to legal clothing restrictions, as well as sexual assault. Moreover, they also made sure to work through how time and resources factor into their resolution.


On the second day, Zoe and Lyn checked that all delegates in the room had no objections to the resolution they finished yesterday. Afterwards, the delegates split into regional groups to start lobbying ideas on obstacles regarding education for women. After editing for the Vienna Formula, the delegates started to debate and discuss changes that they should add. They discussed the parts of the document outlining obstacles regarding education for women. Some topics they covered within these revisions included how they could properly include all biological females without dismissing the gender they identify as, how much to stress the idea of unequal opportunities in education to students, as well as the treatment of doctors on young, vulnerable mothers.


Though the delegates started off more hesitant, they slowly gained more confidence over the span of the discussion. They worked together to reach a consensus, and though they disagreed over certain aspects, they communicated well and reached their goals.

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