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Writer: Daniel H. & Kai G. 

Out of all the conferences, there’s definitely nothing more interesting and entertaining than the Security Council, which we had the privilege of covering. The two main topics focused on during the debate are how to help the situation in both Sudan and Yemen, two Middle Eastern countries. Two resolutions were created, and all delegates were allowed to add amendments that they thought could be helpful. On Saturday, the proceedings started with opening speeches, and the UK stated that they wanted to work with others to find solutions. Also, the US believed that neighboring countries of Sudan and Yemen should be providing more aid since they are already closer to them. Next, during lobbying, the two groups divided and talked about which side they would support in the situation of both Yemen and Sudan. On the Yemen topic, there were two sides. One, which Brazil, Switzerland, Malta, and Albania supported, was staying neutral. On the other side, the UAE, PRC, the US, and Yemen wanted a Yemeni government. For the Sudan topic, there was mostly one side which was to have a democratic government. Then, the debate about Sudan started. The two sides each gave their insights about what they thought. Most of the delegates talked about how the people in Sudan lack resources and that more aid needs to be sent there. The debate started calmly, but then PRC (People's Republic of China) started firing out tough questions, like voicing that finding a ceasefire is more important than humanitarian aid. Without hesitation, Russia and Ghana responded firmly, therefore making themselves known as a strong debater. Most of the clauses in the Sudan resolution passed and Saturday ended. Sunday started quickly, with debate opening in a fiery manner. All sides wanted their input on the Yemen resolution and multiple different countries submitted amendments including Brazil, Ghana, Albania, and France. Ultimately, most of the clauses were voted to pass unanimously and therefore solutions for both Sudan and Yemen were found. In conclusion, many fascinating things happened behind the scenes in the Security Council MUN. 

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