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Writer: Ian H.

Autonomous weapons, also known as "killer robots," are unmanned systems capable of engaging targets without human intervention. This means that they can interfere with the 1st robot law, in which robots are not allowed to harm/kill human beings. Autonomous weapons encompass a range of platforms. These systems can be equipped with various types of weapons. Cyber warfare involves the use of digital attacks by one nation-state to disrupt the activities of another. Cyber warfare tactics include hacking other nations, technology attacks, and other forms of cyberattacks targeting infrastructure, government systems, and military networks.

When discussing the implications of autonomous weapons, we have to think about how we can solve the problems of addressing nation-state’s responses toward cyber warfare by developing guidelines regarding the use of autonomous weapons. In their opening speeches, the delegates from different nations talked about their research about protecting their nation. This kind of protection is very important because cyber warfare can phish and malware deployment, which are two different kinds of cyber attacks that can harm people. They also talked about their nation’s autonomous weapon production. They also thought about what position their nation had and what they should prioritize in the time of a potential autonomous weapon war.

During lobbying, delegates came up with some fascinating resolutions for both cyber warfare and autonomous weapons. They were split into groups: two small groups and a big group. One group was in an argument about pencils and the other two were talking about resolutions for cyber warfare and autonomous weapons as it is a threat to our community.


When the debate started after lunch, it started off kind of slow. “I would say it was a bit quiet [at the start] and people were shy,” Head Chair of GA1 DISEC I Darius Hsu said. They had two resolutions for cyber warfare. They were thinking of powerful countries helping the weaker ones when it came to cyber security and improving cyber security education. For autonomous weapons, they wanted countries to encourage other countries and different countries to take part in this. They also thought about formulating high-level communication technology because autonomous weapons were hard to band. Listening to them was very interesting and educational. I would highly recommend DISEC I if you are signing up for MUN. It was a fabulous experience as a press.

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