General Assembly 1: Disarmament & International Security 1
Faye Y. ('28)
The General Assembly 1: Disarmament and International Security Council 1 (GA1: DISEC 1) Committee focuses mainly on outer space, child soldiers and big data. The delegates discussed different strategies to figure out how to solve these worldwide issues. The delegates discussed many important points in the opening speeches, such as the three central points and how they plan to work together and solve these issues. "Children are the pillar for the future," one of the delegates stated. The chairs made sure that the delegates were comfortable throughout lobbying by encouraging them to engage with the conversations and making sure that everything went steadily. "Chairs are essentially expected to run the debate, and help delegates engage and participate throughout all steps in the conference," said Molly, one of the chairs in the committee. During lobbying, the room was quiet, but delegates worked efficiently together. "I think it is going pretty good, but it is kind of quiet," Irene Chang, one of the delegates, said. Because the conference became virtual, the delegates didn't speak as much during the debate as they would in an in-person conference. However, everyone was mostly calm and participated in the debate. Overall, the conference went smoothly, despite the last-minute change from a hybrid to a virtual conference. The delegates and chairs adjusted to the change well. "Although it was disappointing to hear that the conference was online this year, we're very fortunate that we were still able to have TASMUN," Molly said. "Sometimes being online can make it difficult for delegates to participate, but our committee so far has been amazing given the circumstances. There were a few inevitable technical difficulties, but fortunately, they didn't severely impact our debate."