General Assembly 1: Disarmament & International Security 2
Nathalie S. ('28)
DISEC 2 focuses on three major topics this year: Child recruitment in the military, big data analysis and weaponization of outer space. Topics include both traditional threats, such as child soldiers, and more recent, technology-driven issues, such as weaponization of outer space and Big Data analysis. Cherry, a chair from International Bilingual School at Tainan (IBT), believes that these topics are extremely important to students, especially child recruitment, because there are children around the world fighting deadly wars. "We live in a world where we aren't affected by issues such as child soldiers while others are suffering from it," she said. Winston, a delegate from Taipei American School (TAS), believes that big data is vital. "Big data is fundamental because data comprises all parts of technology, from predicting disease treatments to helping employment," he said. Winston believes that big data analysis can help people around the world by supplying them with the information they require to do a certain task. The delegates' experiences have been unique to every one of them as they have faced different challenges and overcome them in their own ways. Winston's challenge was to try and get a debate going and flowing smoothly. "As of now, I am working on sparking controversy to encourage delegates in my committee to speak out," he said. Winston hopes for a more fruitful debate and is trying to find a way to spark conversation by speaking out. Furthermore, Aurora, a delegate from Pacific American School (PAS), shares similar experiences as Winston. "[TASMUN online] is the most [challenging part] because the online format makes it harder for delegates to just start speaking casually," she said. Aurora hopes people will speak up with their passion in the online conference. However, Cherry believes that there have been very fulfilling debates and that even though there were ups and downs during the conference, everyone seemed to be participating. "My MUN experience has been extremely fruitful, and I've grown a lot since starting to attend MUN conferences in seventh grade," Cherry said. Overall, the delegates have all learned from each other and improved their skills as speakers during the conference.