Economic and Social Council
Ashley H. ('28)
The Economic and Social Council Committee (ECOSOC) focuses on global issues that influence the world, especially on the importance of individuals being treated equally by having the same opportunities. Seoyun Kim, the chair for ECOSOC, explains that despite TASMUN being a beginner conference the speech qualities were still very high. "Some delegates were shy and not so confident, but delegates did not have any problems with voice or delivery," she said. The atmosphere was awkward at first as the delegates were not willing to speak; however, many delegates soon became more active during lobbying. The chairs helped the delegates by encouraging them to unmute and led the conference to run smoothly. "The delegates still weren't engaged in the talking after this, so I started to encourage everyone one by one an individual to share their ideas," Seoyun said. During the debate, many delegates brought up the issues of gender inequality. The guest speaker, Ms. Connie Ma, explained how women go into male-dominated industries that pay relatively a little compared to their work put in and fail to negotiate with the male authorities. Ms. Ma highlights that negotiation is essential. "There is a huge world out there on what you can ask for," she said. "Negotiation is something that gets easier through practice." Ms. Ma encourages women to raise their voices even if there are challenges to overcome.