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April 13 - 14, 2024

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Letter From the Secretaries-General

Dear participants of TASMUN XV, 


We are your Secretaries-General, Annie and Miya. Having both started our MUN journeys in middle school, we have had the pleasure of being able to watch the program grow amidst world pandemics and changing leadership as the years go on. With the responsibilities we hold, we are honored to be serving as the Secretaries-General for this year’s conference and we sincerely hope to provide delegates with an enjoyable and educational experience to help begin their MUN journey as we near the end of ours. 


This year, we chose the theme “A Future Built Upon Trust,” emphasizing the establishment of a reciprocal relationship on all different levels: person to person, people to nation, nation to nation. We here on this island have been exposed to political challenges, causing younger generations to adapt in their responses to an ever-changing political climate.  


Against the backdrop of cross-strait tensions in 2014, the Sunflower Movement in Taiwan emerged as a youth-led protest against the passage of the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement with China. Fueled by distrust in the government and uncertainty over sovereignty, Taiwanese youth occupied the Legislative Yuan in Taipei as a form of resistance. Ultimately, the movement was successful in reviving civil involvement and increasing government transparency. The Sunflower, a heliotropic symbol of hope demonstrates the dream of young Taiwanese people to practice democracy with autonomy, facilitating a reciprocal relationship with one’s government.


In light of this, we sought to model the ambitious plans that the United Nations had made for the 2024 Summit at our conference this year. Proposed as the Summit of the Future, the plan seeks to reinvigorate multilateralism, reaffirm the UN charter, and most importantly, establish trust among all for future generations. 


Being a conference full of the younger generations, we are looking forward to seeing all of you at TASMUN XV, and are excited to witness the collaborations that will occur. 


Best regards,

Annie C. and Miya K. 



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