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Dress Code

All delegates at TASMUN must adhere to the dress code. As a general rule, delegates must be dressed in Western business attire. Students are expected to exhibit an appearance in dress and behavior that is above reproach during the conference. Should any student have a specific question, please ask the Secretariat or any of the TASMUN Conference Directors. In general, conference attire should be business attire with a blazer. Some examples include:

  • Full business suit including jacket. Suit color choices should be appropriate for a professional environment.

  • Business pants or skirt with a blouse or a solid-color button-up shirt, and a blazer.

  • Business dress with a blazer. 

  • Neckties are the norm in this activity for students who choose to wear what is traditionally seen as male-presenting attire. 


Male delegates may wear a blouse, sweater, or button-down shirt. No T-shirts. Females may wear skirts but should also wear pantyhose or tights. Skirts should not be more than two inches above the knee, covering the front and back of the legs. 


All students must wear dress shoes or other appropriate professional footwear, dress socks (if applicable to your shoe of choice), a belt (if applicable to your choice of pants), and a blazer or jacket. These are not optional. 


If students are found in violation of the above dress code, conference directors reserve the right to remove the student from the conference. 

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