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Writer: Alec Y. 

At the start of the committee session, the delegates presented their opening speeches. Then they split into two groups and began to type their resolutions. It was quiet for about an hour as they worked, and then the chairs gave a presentation about SDGs and funds for sanitary care products as well as Salt Collectiv, a kitchen that gives meals to homeless people, and raffle prizes that included candy.

Then it was lunch. Afterward, they started debate sometime between 1:00 and 1:20, and each delegate representing a country went to a podium to speak their opinion on the resolution. They bought raffle tickets and voted on amendments. They could choose to vote for, against, or abstain from the amendment. For example, the delegate representing Saudi Arabia proposed that they encourage nations to promote plant production instead of meat production, and after voting, the overall vote was to not pass this amendment. This process continued for other amendments too. After a snack break, they continued debate, and at 3:30, they went down to the second floor to do an interactive interviewing activity to learn what it felt like to interview or be interviewed. There was a big newspaper-like board with many stickers on it that stated what each person who filled the sticker would like to change about the world. At 5:30, the committee session adjourned.

The next day, debate continued shortly before 9 AM. Vietnam submitted two amendments, both of which were voted NOT PASS, and an amendment submitted by Indonesia was voted PASS by about 20 people in difference. Overall, the experience in ECOSOC 2 was calm. 

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