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Human Rights Committee I 

Writer: Joonseo L.

On the first day, there was an opening speech when every delegate had to present the abuse of human rights that is happening in their assigned country’s textile industry. Delegates commented on how most of the abuse of human rights in textile industry were sexual abuse towards womans. The delegate that is representing the Czech Republic  thinks that the abuse of human rights is happening because of lack of education. That people are not aware that people can trick them and use them to make money. Olivia Wu, who was representing Mexico, gave an example of how careless the companies are about their workers. After that, they asked questions to the chairs and talked with people with similar ideas.


Moreover, guest speakers came and talked about Uyghurs being pressed by the Chinese government and how they are separatists that are currently fighting against the government. They found out that the government is sending the Uyghurs to reeducation camps and getting tortured and electrocuted. They believe that people should think more before buying things and always think that some people don’t have access to what you have right now. 


Alex Komenko, the keynote speaker, also came to the room and asked if the delegates had some questions about the Ukraine war and also about him. People asked about how he felt when he was protesting for the first time and also the daily life impact of the war. He thinks that Ukraine is working hard to stand up for themselves, he felt afraid and alone when he preached for the first time, and the daily impact of the war is that he always feels afraid, anxious and always checks and watches the news.


When the debate actually started, delegates submitted resolutions to propose their solutions to topics. Other delegates asked questions if they thought the information was not true or if they wanted to argue with the presenting delegate. Additionally, delegates also submitted amendments to support their ideas. Pages also passed notes from chairs and delegates while chairs ensured the order of the committee. Everyone was on their best behavior to make the debate run smoothly.


On the second day delegates argued and debated more lively especially Russia because they already knew a lot about the topic and their main job now is to try and win the debate. Overall the HRC had a fruitful debate; despite some initial disagreements, delegates came together and passed resolutions. 

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